Small Grey Outline Pointer soaring ever higher

Just over the horizon That's where I'll always think you'll be

It's always so surprising to find you right there next to me

In this sprawling landscape How'd you know just where I'd be?

- "Horizon", by Real Estate


Alana | 28 | NYC

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I'm an artist

I have my MFA in fine art (painting)

I make gifs, graphics, edits, and some fan art (I made my sidebar image)

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I ship Wincest (OTP) and Destiel



Pride & Prejudice


re-watching Supernatural season 8

Crying over X-Men and Erik/Charles.

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War on Drugs, Real Estate, Kurt Vile, Destroyer, Deerhunter, Kevin Drew


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Supernatural + hair porn: Sam Winchester


Best Winchester Brotherly Bonding Scenes 

Those times Sam made fun of Dean’s clothing choices. 

I know we’re all stories,
and I’m sorry we’re all tragedies.


castiel graphics challenge | prompt: unforgiven 
stormdrogon vs. punkrockcrowley

1.05 Bloody Mary

winnerwinnerchickndinner requested: sleepy Dean


spncapsdaily request - a Dean picspam from every season 1 episode made by me: 1.16 shadow


01. Good Sex | Kevin Drew
02. Under The Pressure | The War on Drugs
03. Back To The Middle | Deerhunter
04. Hannah Hunt | Vampire Weekend
05. Terror in the Canyons (The Wounded Master) | Phosphorescent